It’s Not the Journey, It’s the Destination

Off to the islands!

SPF 110!  Off to the islands!

Our stomachs still full from the Amita Thai Cooking Class, we settled into a sleeper traincar bound for Koh Tao.  As we drifted off into much-needed sleep, our plans were interrupted by the skittering black blur of a large cockroach hustling across the floor.  It disappeared out of sight–the worst thing that could have happened.  Mandy’s imagination raced frantically: Where is it hiding? Where will it turn up next? How will it sneak up on me?  She’d finally began to relax when a second, smaller, cockroach zig-zagged into view.  I smashed it with a flip-flop. Continue reading


The Road to Nowhere

Watching the sunset in Cape Agulhas, South Africa

Watching the sunset in Cape Agulhas, South Africa

The time felt right for a road trip.  Due to more incompetence from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, I still didn’t have my new driver’s license; which meant it was Mandy’s turn to learn how to drive on the left. Continue reading

Arctic Winter

Tromso, Norway

Tromso, Norway

If there was one good thing about not being able to visit Israel and Jordan, it was that there were two good things.  The first was our extended time in Turkey, one of our favorite countries so far.  The second was a chance to head north.  Like, above the Arctic Circle north…Tromso, Norway north.

Mandy and I wanted to experience the Arctic winter.  Due to Tromso’s northern position near the top of the world, the sun doesn’t rise between November 26th and Jan 15th.  This period is known as the Polar Nights (we experienced the opposite phenomenon, the Midnight Sun, in Iceland back in July).  There is something powerful about visiting the world’s extreme locations–places that deviate starkly from what is familiar stoke the senses and invigorate the mind.
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