The Milford Track

hiking in the clouds: the last stretch up to the pass

Mandy hikes through the clouds on the way up to Mackinnon Pass

The Milford Track is one of the world’s legendary hikes.  The four-day backcountry trek is limited to forty hikers per day and the slots generally fill one year in advance.  A year ago we hoped that we’d make it to New Zealand, but that’s about as concrete as our plans get.  Now that we were here, though, the Milford Track was clearly something we couldn’t miss.  Unfortunately, with all available places already reserved, there was only one way that we’d be able to experience it for ourselves–get lucky.  We checked the NZ Parks website religiously.  About ten days after we arrived in NZ, two spots opened up and we booked them immediately.  A few days later, we finished off our South Island Motorhome Tour.  It was time. Continue reading

Welcome to Morocco

Tangier at night, from the roof of our guesthouse.

Tangier, Morocco at night, from the roof of our guesthouse.

We were on the train at 6am headed for Algeciras, Spain.  It was almost 10am when we arrived, but the town was still asleep.  We made our way to the harbor and asked a security guard where to buy tickets for the ferry to Tangier, Morocco. Continue reading