Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay (view from Titop Island)

Ha Long Bay (view from Titop Island)

We left Hanoi for a two-day, one-night sail on Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Ha Long Bay features a dramatic collection of towering, tree-topped, limestone islands known as karsts, which rise powerfully out of the ocean in an otherworldly seascape.  A dense layer of low-lying clouds imparted an imposing, surreal aura to our surroundings.  As we cruised through the bay, shadowy layers of karsts, shrouded in mist and secrecy, drifted in and out of the fog. Continue reading

Good Morning Vietnam

The best thing to do in Vietnam: Eat!

The best thing to do in Vietnam: Eat!

Traveling from Australia to Vietnam turned out to be extremely expensive, so we broke the journey up into three separate trips on budget airlines, saving us almost fifty-percent compared to a single booking.  The first leg was from Cairns to Darwin, where we stayed for two days.  Our next flight, from Darwin to Singapore, was delayed six hours.  We’d planned to stay in Singapore overnight visiting our friends, Angela and Ray, but in a way we were lucky.  Although we were unable to see them, at least we didn’t miss our connection like everyone else.

While the other passengers worked themselves into a frenzy, Mandy and I used our meal vouchers for curried egg salad sandwiches and savored drinking the tap water — the last time we’d be able to do that for a while.  When we finally arrived in Singapore it was 4am.  We stretched out wearily for a two-hour airport nap.  Then it was on to Hanoi. Continue reading