In theory, the plan was a good one.  I had to take my Neurology Board Exam and it was only offered in the United States.  We flew back 3 weeks before the test, Amsterdam to Minneapolis.  I have to admit, it felt nice to be home.

exiting the gondola, Jackson Hole Wy

The next day we hopped into the car and drove across the U.S. to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We drove hard except for a couple study breaks.   Continue reading


Sorry for the interruption in the blog.  People have asked if we are ok, we’re great – with the exception of my upcoming Neurology Board Exams.  Fear is a great motivator for me and I am definitely getting scared.  Traveling around the world hasn’t been the greatest preparation for the test (not that I’m complaining) and recently I’ve been trying to add in 1-2 hours of studying daily.  It’s been pretty hard to fit it in and it definitely doesn’t leave any time for the blog.  But we’re back in the U.S., hiding out in the mountains since last week, with two weeks to go until the big exam.  I should hopefully have time to cram and at the same time catch up with the blog.  That’s the plan anyway…..

(by chris)