Let’s Go Underground



It was Thanksgiving.  But just being in Turkey wasn’t good enough for Mandy–she wanted to eat turkey.  The best we could find for Thanksgiving dinner was a few slices of turkey plus a baked potato at our hotel.   Continue reading

Indiana Jones/Lucky Breaks #3


A BBC film crew at Termessos the day we visited

It was unfortunate, but inevitable, that we had to leave Kas.  We were headed to Antalya, where we would stay one day before catching an overnight bus to Cappadocia.

Many of the archaeologic sites in Turkey were out of our reach.  Some of the most impressive locations are high in the mountains or inaccessible via public transportation.  Termessos, however, was an exception.  Relatively.  It was thirty kilometers from Antalya, but we were determined to go. Continue reading

Lucky Breaks #2

Exploring an ancient Lycian necropolis near Kalekoy

Exploring an ancient Lycian necropolis near Kalekoy

Early the next day, Mandy and I were basking in the morning sunshine as we enjoyed a lazy breakfast on the deck of Hotel Hideaway.  We struck up a friendly conversation with the hotel’s two other guests, Nesta and Brian, a semi-retired couple from Dublin.   Continue reading



Mandy standing on the white mountainside of Pamukkale

The agent had an interesting sense of humor and booked our bus tickets under the name, “Jennifer Lopez’s friends”.  She was actually in Istanbul for a show and our tickets prompted many questions and second glances as we made our way from Istanbul to Pamukkale.  Overnight bus trips, like this one, can be a good way to save money on hotel/hostel costs, but the trade-off is a night without a bed.  We arrived in Pamukkale the next morning on four hours of broken sleep.  Could have been worse. Continue reading