Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits, yes, but I mean it in the literal sense.  Now that we’re adults, we’ve developed useful skills.  For example, as a pediatrician, Mandy regularly gets questions from her friends who have children.  Each person’s skill set is of different value to different people, but with Karolina and Henrik we struck gold.
Henrik is a chef and an importer of fine foods (see previous post here), which meant their apartment was overflowing with delicious treats.

Karolina and Henrik (jackpot!)

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The Archipelago

Stockholm is actually built on a collection of islands which trail out into the sea.  During the summer, Swedes head outdoors and soak in the sun as much Vitamin D before the long, dark winter returns.  In Swedish fashion, we were off to spend two days at Henrik’s family’s cabin in the archipelago.  We were joined by Jonna, another one of their friends.

a sailboat passes by

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Yellow Cake

Another day sleeping in, another casual morning spent studying. To get the vibe right, I had Swedish bands (Lykke Li, Miike Snow, Jose Gonzalez) coming through my headphones.

But today was different.  Today our apartment in Stockholm, would become their apartment again.  Karolina was coming home with her boyfriend, Henrik, and Samuel, their two-year-old son.

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Welcome to Stockholm

the islands of Stockholm

It was a short flight from Trondheim to Stockholm.  From the plane you could see the rocky fjords of Norway transition to the forested hills of Sweden.  We landed, grabbed our backpacks, and headed from the airport into town.  It was time for more couch-surfing, but the old-fashioned kind. Continue reading