A Cozy Attic

I believe this is called a "Dr. Seuss Tree"

I believe this is a “Dr. Seuss Tree” @ Jardines del Buen Retiro

Madrid is a regal city.  That’s clear as soon as you arrive.  The building where we rented a small attic apartment, however, was not.  It probably had been regal (and will be again, since it’s currently under renovation), but at some point the building had become neglected.  Which explains why it was so cheap to stay there, despite its perfect location adjacent to the Royal Palace and famous plazas of Madrid. Continue reading


The nave of La Sagrada Familia.  The tall columns are modeled after trees.

The nave of La Sagrada Familia, a massive cathedral designed by Antonio Gaudi.

Four awesome things in Barcelona:

1.) Tickets

Tickets is a tapas restaurant owned and run by the Adria brothers (of El Bulli fame).  It’s considered one of the toughest places in the world to get a table…as in nearly impossible.  The only method is a rushed online booking, exactly 3 months beforehand, when a limited number of seats are made available.  But since we’re drifting across Europe at whatever speed our momentum takes us, planning that far ahead wasn’t an option. Continue reading