Caber Toss

The Highland Games move from town to town during the Scottish summer.  We caught up with the competition in Perth, on our way back to Edinburgh.  Without a doubt, the highlights of the games are the heavy events like the hammer throw, shot put, and, especially, the caber toss.  The best locals can challenge the traveling professionals in these feats of strength.  Each competitor must wear traditional highland clothing: a kilt, sporran, etc.

toss that caber!

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Scottish Highlands


From Edinburgh (pronounced Edinboro), we headed for the Scottish Highlands.  Mandy has always wanted to visit Loch Ness and she kept mentioning Nessie as we drove north.

“Wait, you know Nessie isn’t real, right?”

“Well yeah, it’s just one of those things that you believe in anyway,” she answered.

“Oh, I get it.  Kind of like Santa Claus?”

“No, Santa isn’t real,” she replied matter of factly.

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