Two And A Half Backpacks!

We had two full-sized backpacks, plus one smaller daypack, but when packing for a year that space fills quickly.  Too quickly.  We had big plans: dog-sledding in the Arctic, safari in Tanzania, clubbing in Europe, and trekking in Nepal and New Zealand for starters.  Our two and a half backpacks paled in comparison to the mountain of gear piled beside them.

It was 3am and crucial last-minute decisions were meted out.  Umbrella?  No.  Frisbee?  Yes.  Cleats?  No.  Shaving cream?  No.

Mandy’s final cuts were more agonizing.  Dresses?  Only one.  High heels?  No way.  Face cream?  Forget it.  The pile of rejected items grew at her feet until the symbolic moment when we tightened the drawcords and snapped the lids of our packs closed on 60 liters of essential items.  Our task completed, we laid down for one last night of sleep in our own bed.  Tomorrow, the adventure begins.

Two and a half backpacks! Leaving for the airport with all of our gear successfully stowed away.

Mandy packing: Round 1 (of many)


Two and a half backpacks!  Successfully packed and off to the airport



here it is folks, my first ever blog post on my first ever travel blog.  i would write that my mother will be so proud, except that she’ll never read this because “the internet” might steal all her personal information (bless her heart – best mom ever!).

regardless, today is about me and my monumental achievements as a blogger.  it hasn’t all been smooth sailing and the website is only about 10% complete, but i feel like things are moving in the right direction.  so stay tuned….

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