Night Train to Budapest

Mandy doesn’t like pictures like this because she thinks I’m about to be left behind

We boarded the train for Budapest, found our cabin, and let out a sigh of relief.  In the last 36 hours we had replaced our passports, filed two police reports, spoke with our insurance company, arranged to ship a few packages from the U.S., and found Mandy replacement contact lenses.  The cabin was hot and stuffy, but eventually a cool breeze blew in through the windows as the train sped off into the night. Continue reading

Behind the Iron Curtain

To keep our journey chronological, here is the link to our eventful third night in Krakow, which we wrote about earlier.

After the robbery on Saturday, we had an enforced delay until Monday in order to pick up new passports at the U.S. consulate.  The list of stolen items was pretty extensive, so with our enforced delay we set out on a mission to replace as much as possible.   Continue reading

Pass the Salt

We spent the morning waiting for our tour bus to pick us up and bring us to the Wieliczka Salt mine.  Doesn’t sound that cool, you say? I thought that too, but I was wrong.  After multiple phone calls to the tour company to figure out the delay, we struck out on our own and with the help of some locals, managed to navigate the city bus trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

the cathedral at the Wieliczka Salt Mine, carved into, and entirely constructed out of, salt

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Not for the faint of heart

We exited the Krakow airport and walked 5 blocks to the train station.  A dated, dirty train squealed to a stop under a grey sky and we hopped on for the 20 minute ride into the city.  We engaged in an enjoyable conversation with an pleasant, elderly Polish woman as we passed dilapidated farms, abandoned buildings covered in graffiti, and homeless alcoholics in the park – we weren’t in Scandinavia anymore.

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