Irish-English-Scottish Breakfast

People in Ireland and the UK take breakfast seriously.  And boy is it hearty.  And filling. And fatty.  And basically meat with side-dishes of meat.  And good the first day…..but not so much after that.

our first Irish breakfast.  The healthiest part, the tomato, is fried in grease

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Mandy Versus the GPS

We had to loop back to Lochinver Farmhouse.  None of our replacement packages had arrived on time.   During our two days in Killarney, Helen (our host at Lochinver), had been battling with FedEx to ensure that everything would be delivered to her.

Lochinver Farmhouse is located in Ballinadee, but that’s all the address it has.  There’s no street name, house number, or zip code.   Continue reading


First up after leaving Dublin was Blarney Castle.  The ruined castle and gardens are interesting, but obviously the real attraction is the Blarney Stone.  Kiss it, and you receive the gift of eloquence.  Among the noteworthy stone-kissers are Winston Churchill and Mick Jagger, just to name a few.

Looking up at Blarney Castle

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Big Man on Campus

Dublin was literally a breath of fresh air.  It had just rained and we could smell the lush countryside immediately upon stepping out of the plane.  The officer in customs asked about our replacement passports and we told him that our originals were stolen.  “The BASTARDS!” he exclaimed and then laughed loudly.  So did we – in that moment our post-robbery hangover was completely kicked.  The Irish are unbelievably friendly and Dublin is a city where it’s impossible not to have a good time.

Mandy walking through the streets of Dublin (it’s raining of course)

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