Hungry in Hungary

Hey everybody…I’m baaackkk!  After our bummer robbery episode in Krakow, I was ready to indulge my favorite sense (taste), especially since food in Budapest is very affordable.  As you may already know, Chris (who used to work as a cook) and I are definite foodies.  But I take it to the next level, planning my trips around where and what we’re going to eat…..seriously.  And Budapest did not let me down.

duck salad, soft boiled eggs, and fresh greens

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Budapest stayed hot.  Each day was in the mid 90s and drenched in bright sunshine; the air was heavy and we felt lethargic.  We were staying in a nice hotel that we booked cheaply at the last minute and for the first time on our trip, we slept in and started our days late.  The hotel was located in an area with beautifully ornate buildings dating from the late 1800s and early 1900s.  This time period represented the union of the Austrian and Hungarian empires, one of the few times of wealth for Hungary.  It was nice, but the main streets felt very touristy.

the Chain Bridge.  I increased the clarity of these pictures, but you can still appreciate the heat and the haze

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Healing Waters

In Budapest, they love their water.  The locals brag about it constantly, which is a little surprising in a city that’s somewhat polluted and grimy. But they are blessed with natural spring water famous for its healing properties.  In fact, we were told multiple times that important animals in breeding programs around the world are sent to the Budapest Zoo. There, they drink the spring water which significantly improves their fertility rate.  Apparently the zoo is a madhouse of baby animals.

Szechenyi Baths, complete with marble statues

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Night Train to Budapest

Mandy doesn’t like pictures like this because she thinks I’m about to be left behind

We boarded the train for Budapest, found our cabin, and let out a sigh of relief.  In the last 36 hours we had replaced our passports, filed two police reports, spoke with our insurance company, arranged to ship a few packages from the U.S., and found Mandy replacement contact lenses.  The cabin was hot and stuffy, but eventually a cool breeze blew in through the windows as the train sped off into the night. Continue reading