Tivoli and Le Tour

I really enjoyed Copenhagen and one of my favorite places was Tivoli Gardens.  Tivoli is the world’s second oldest amusement park, opening in 1843, right in the center of the city.  Tivoli reminded me a lot of Disney World, and I must admit that I am a closeted, but proud, Disney fanatic.   Continue reading

Hot Dogs and Oysters

Continuing on a previous theme, Denmark, like Iceland, is extremely expensive.  Iceland actually experienced a financial crisis in 2008 and though things have stabilized somewhat, it’s still by far the most affordable Scandinavian country.  Denmark is pricier and it will probably only get more painful for us in Norway and Sweden.

Which is unfortunate because Copenhagen is currently a culinary hot spot.  The restaurant Noma has been named ‘best in the world’ the past few years.  Top chefs are flocking to the city to train and there are great restaurants everywhere.  On the flip-side, we’ve been eating at hot dog stands (also awesome, and covered in mayo) and prowl the grocery stores to occasionally find some fruit and veg.  And even that is expensive.  But as you might remember from your elementary school days, you can only eat hot dogs so many times in a row (three) before you feel like it’s time to curl up in a ball and lie down for a while.

delicious ‘dogs

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