Midnight Sun

One thing I like about traveling is not just the attractions on to-do-lists or the restaurant you HAVE to eat at, but the things that you experience just by being somewhere different.

In Iceland one of those things is the “midnight sun”.  At a latitude of 64 degrees north, the sun did set in Reykjavik (a little after midnight and it rose at 2:20am), but it never drops far enough below the horizon to allow the sky to go black.  Since the darkening skies don’t cue you to sleep, suddenly it’s 2am before you realize it, and then at 5am the sun is blazing and it’s time to go.  It’s a mania-inducing experience, not dissimilar from our recently completed medical residencies, and helped us maximize our 5 chaotic days in Iceland.

Verdict: Awesome

View of the ocean in Vik, 2am

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